Ideal Protein Protocol

Now Offering the Ideal Protein Protocol at Pharmasave Summerland

Ideal Protein

Many patients on this low carbohydrate/moderate protein eating plan have seen great results and can decrease or possibly eliminate their medications for Type 2 Diabetes and High Blood pressure.

Of course "results may vary" but if you could help control your chronic conditions by using food instead of pills, wouldn't you want to at least learn more?   (How about if I told you most participants don't have sugar cravings and don't need to dig into the donuts at 9pm.   :)

And yes veggies are an important part of the protocol, but they aren't the only part. You may be a little suprised to find out the other stuff you can eat!!  (Lets just say its probably things you haven't eaten in years because you were told they are bad for you...)

We currently have two coaches designated to help you with the plan, and they will work in conjunction with our Pharmasave pharmacists and your doctors to help monitor your progress. So you won't be left on your own. 

This plan can quickly lower blood sugar and blood pressure so your doctor needs to be a part of the process. Yes, it can work that well. Learn more about the fundamentals of Ideal Protein here

To see a truly inspiring video from an Ideal Protein participant that had amazing results while working with the Pharmasave in Parksville, BC  CLICK THE LINK BELOW.

Call 250-494-7088  and ask to speak to Char-Lynn or Dan.

We also feature weekly info/group sessions on Monday afternoons from 4:30-5:00pm (not including holidays) if you'd like to meet other dieters and learn more about the protocol.

Thank you