Marcelle Cosmetics

Marcelle Cosmetics

Canadian women’s trustworthy beauty partner for 80 years, Marcelle is the cosmetics and skin care brand that offers every woman high quality, effective and affordable products. Hypoallergenic and perfume-free; women of all ages believe in Marcelle products.

What’s Marcelle’s motto? To offer a wide choice of skin care and cosmetics products that satisfy the needs of today’s women on the go – everyday solutions that let her be simply beautiful inside and out at every stage in her life.

To provide helpful and simple to use skin care products designed to make the lives of today’s woman easier. Our products are high performing and reliable and that’s why they appeal to every generation of woman:

The Essentials Woman. She is ageless. She’s ultra natural. She likes simple, pure things. She likes Essentials. She is simply beautiful.

The New•Age Woman. She is 35 or older, looks and feels young. She is simply radiant.

The Hydra-C Woman. She is between 18 and 34, young, energetic and likes the idea of vitamin enriched products. She is simply lovely and full of life.

The 1st Wrinkles Woman. She is between 25 and 35 years old. She is young and uses products to maintain her glow. She is simply luminous.

The Revival Woman. She is in her fifties. She is strong, active and deeply self-aware. She lives life to the fullest and is more determined than ever to take care of herself and her skin.

Beauty Made Simple

For Marcelle, beauty is a fundamental state of mind. It begins with feeling beautiful on the inside. Every woman has her own beauty potential and Marcelle offers her the cosmetic products that will help her express her unique style and personality. Season after season, Marcelle reveals trend-setting colour collections that harmonize glamour and effectiveness.

Groupe Marcelle

Groupe Marcelle is 250 individuals employed in our laboratories and offices in Montreal working to manufacture more than 200 skin care and makeup products frequently recommended by Canadian health professionals. Moreover, we ensure distribution of our products to over 2,500 drugstores and superstores throughout the country.