Top 5 Services

While Pharmasave Summerland offers a wide variety of services, there are five services we've earned a reputation for being the "best"!

  1. Natural Health Counselling- Every pharmacy can fill your prescription but at Pharmasave Summerland we also stay educated in natural health supplements and vitamins. Not only can we help you choose supplements which help you stay healthy and happy, we can also recommend products which can help you prevent a drug induced nutrient deficiency. The Live Well Team at Pharmasave are your resource for natural health information and counselling.
  2. Medication Management and Reviews- How many times have you left the doctor's office with a prescription in your hand unclear about how it works, how it might interact with your other medications or supplements, or what the side effects are? How often do you get these questions cleared up whe you get your prescription filled? Our Pharmacists at Pharmasave Summerland do their best to explain how prescriptions work to every client who comes to the counter but sometimes you might want a more in-depth, detailed conversation. You can schedule a Medication Management review and counselling session with your Live well Pharmacist and have all of your questions and concerns addressed. Best of all, the provincial government pays for your visit.
  3. Medication Compounding- When it comes to medication, one size doesn't fit all. In our on-site lab we can compound customize medication just for you. Think of it as "bespoke healthcare". If you don't like the taste of your medication, we can make it taste better and easier to take. If you find the some pills are difficult to swallow, we can make a liquid or sometimes even a topical compound of your prescription. We can even make customized compounds for pets and livestock.   Check out our blog post entitled, "What is a compounding pharmacy?" to learn more. 
  4. Compression Garments- Pharmasave Summerland has you covered for your compression garment needs. Pharmasave Summerland has a certified compression stocking fitter on hand to help you find the right fit for your needs. From varicose veins to post surgical garments we've got you covered.
  5. Vaccinations- From flu shots to travel vaccinations, the certified Injectionist Pharmacists at Pharmasave Summerland will help you stay healthy. Flu season? We provide shots to help protect you and your loved ones from spreding the flu. Travelling? We will research the vaccinations recommended by the World Health Organization and other research bodies to help keep you safe on your journey. See us to find out which vaccinations may be beneficial to you.