Vichy Skincare

Vichy Skincare

A partner with your pharmacy

For the past 80 years, Vichy laboratories have created a unique partnership with pharmacies  and drugstores the world over.

At the service of the health and beauty of the skin

Early on the Vichy's dermatological vocation made it natural to choose pharmacies and drugstores as preferred distribution channels.  In effect, the values of respecting the skin and proving effectiveness scientifically are ours.  More than anyone, we believe in the importance of professional consultations. The skin is a living organ and it must be listened to in order to be holistically treated and healthily maintained.

A common history

The history of our brand is closely knit to that of of dermo-cosmetics for which it founded, first in France during the 1950s then later in a growing number of countries spanning all five continents. Everywhere, Vichy has created strong alliances with pharmacies and has helped them in growing their businesses.  Over and above the sale of medications, pharmacies and drugstores are the meeting points for consumers to express their daily health needs and construct and maintain the beauty of their skin.