3 Degrees Cooler

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August 11, 2018

3 Degrees Cooler

During the long hot summer days and nights many are looking for all of the best ways to stay cool. Even if you stay in the shade and drink ice water all day long, you may still want a bit of an “edge” to help you beat the heat.


Of course we live in the age of air conditioning but energy costs are not going down and running an air conditioner all day and all night for weeks at a time can be costly (and a little noisy depending on the age, size, and quality of your a/c unit). Not to mention the fact that there will be times that you will be outside and have to deal with the heat.


Bamboo fabric clothing offers the edge you might be searching for. While cotton and linen have long been the popular choices during hot weather, rayon fabric made from bamboo offers these advantages:


  • Bamboo rayon is twice as soft as jersey-knit cotton and just as hard wearing
  • Bamboo cloth keeps you 3 degrees cooler than cotton
  • Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic
  • Bamboo is antimicrobial and thus naturally prevents odors
  • Bamboo is the most sustainable resource on the planet
  • Much less water is needed to grow bamboo than is needed to produce cotton


New at Pharmasave Summerland you’ll find Boody™ bamboo clothing and undergarments. Boody™ clothing features all of the above benefits along with UV protection, the bamboo is organically grown, and they test their products for harmful substance to make sure you only have soft, safe, comfortable fabric next to your skin. Visit Pharmasave Summerland today to discover Boody™ Bamboo clothing and give yourself a cooler “edge” this summer.


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