Creatine - Not just for competitive athletes!

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July 12, 2018

For quite some time creatine has been a popular supplement for athletes. Creatine is frequently used as a dietary supplement to improve muscle strength and athletic performance since creatine is believed to play a vital role in skeletal muscle energy metabolism. Simply put, creatine can help your muscles perform better and recover from exercise more quickly.

That’s why athletes use creatine, but what about someone else?

Loss of muscle mass and performance has been associated with aging. This loss of muscle can result in reduced physical function and a reduction in the ability to perform regular daily activities. Reduced muscle mass can also slow your metabolism and lead to weight gain if your diet is not adjusted to accommodate the reduced metabolic rate. Left unchecked this loss of muscle combined with unhealthy weight gain can lead to more negative health issues (ie: mobility problems, type 2 diabetes, blood pressure issues, etc).

How can creatine supplements help?

Combined with resistance training, creatine supplementation has been clinically shown to improve muscle strength and endurance, increase muscle mass, and even reduce fat mass compared to resistance training alone in aging adults.

Bear in mind that resistance training is necessary in addition to creatine supplementation as the creatine facilitates improvements in muscle mass and function and is not solely responsible for the positive effects. While resistance training is helpful, the addition of a creatine supplement can make the benefits of the activity manifest sooner than without.

Speak with your doctor or the Live Well Team at Pharmasave about how creatine and resistance exercise can benefit you.

Dan Cassidy, Nutritional Product Advisor


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