Flu Shots: Does one size fit all?

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October 16, 2018

Many of us are familiar with the idea of receiving a flu shot, or influenza vaccine, as we enter into each flu season. In North America, flu activity occurs from October to March. As part of a Public Health campaign, many people may qualify to receive a flu shot at no cost.

The conventional flu shot covers the 3 strains of influenza that have been circulating in the Southern Hemisphere in the time leading up to our flu season, and is deemed by researchers as the most likely strains to cause this year’s flu.
For the younger population (15-64 years old), this vaccine is sufficient to decrease the incidence of influenza by up to 76%. For the over-65 population however, this vaccine proves less effective at 26-52%.

So in answer to the original question: no, one size does not fit all.

What then, if anything, is new in this area? With the advent of Fluzone ® High Dose, seniors 65 years and older have the choice to receive a vaccine that is 4x stronger than the conventional vaccine. This vaccine shows a 24% increase in effectiveness and a 40% improvement in serious pneumonia events.

If you have questions or would like more information on Fluzone ® High Dose such as incidence of side effects
and cost, please call and speak with our pharmacy staff. Remember, receiving a flu shot is your choice; make an
informed decision.

Stay tuned for the announcement of flu shot clinics coming in late October, and keep us in mind for all of your vaccination and travel needs.

- Tara Ricketts, BSc.Pharm.


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